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Getting Started

  1. Installing AlbumEasy
    Download the applicable version of AlbumEasy from the download page and then select the appropriate installation method:
    • Windows: AlbumEasySetupV3.2.0.exe
      This is the installer for the Windows version of AlbumEasy. Simply execute this in order to install AlbumEasy.
    • Linux: AlbumEasySetupV3.2.0_32bit.tgz or AlbumEasySetupV3.2.0_64bit.tgz
      Open a shell prompt, then execute the command: tar -xzvf AlbumEasySetupV3.2.0_64bit.tgz in order to extract the files.
      Further installation instructions are included in the readme-linux.txt file which is included with the application.
    • Mac: Unfortunately installing AlbumEasy on a Mac is much less straightforward. Please refer to the download page for instructions.

    Newcomers to AlbumEasy may find that one or both of the following videos will help ease the learning curve. The first is a very nice introduction by Tim Auld, the second a tutorial by myself:
  2. Generating your first album
    • Double click on the AlbumEasy icon.
    • Press the "Open" button, then select the file AlbumSample.txt to open it.
    • Pressing the "Generate" button will create the file AlbumSample.pdf, which may now be viewed or printed.
    Note: When printing from the Adobe Acrobat reader please ensure that the Shrink oversized pages to paper size, and Expand small pages to paper size options are not checked in the print dialogue box. Otherwise items on the page may be the incorrect size when printed.
  3. Creating a custom album
    • Copy the example file AlbumSample.txt, giving it any name you wish eg. Canada.txt
    • Edit the file with a text editor, or your favourite wordprocessor. If using a wordprocessor, please ensure that you save the file as text only.
    • The AlbumEasy application includes a help file containing a full list of commands that may be placed in the text file.
    • Use AlbumEasy to process this file and generate the file Canada.pdf