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Free user contributed Stamp Album pages to download

These user contributed albums have been kindly donated to the wider stamp collecting community for non-commercial use. These albums may be used as is, used for inspiration, or easily customised to meet the needs of an individual collector.
Please note, that anyone wishing to make commercial use of any of these albums would first need to obtain the permission of the respective author, in which case I would be happy to facilitate initial communications.

Albums may be downloaded as a ready to print PDF or as a zip file containing the customisable AlbumEasy source text file and any associated images.
To download, right click on the desired file and then select "Save Target As.." or "Save Link As.." depending on which web browser you are using.

I would be very grateful for further contributions by anyone willing to share album pages that they have created.

Note: All AlbumEasy source files on this page have been saved with Unicode (UTF-8) encoding. In order that the albums are generated correctly, please ensure that Unicode (UTF-8) is selected in the AlbumEasy configuration dialogue box.

Unfortunately I have had to remove a number of the albums on this page as they infringed on the Scott numbering system. I am hoping to replace these albums once the Scott numbers have been removed.

  • World
 PDFSource FilesAuthor
British Antarctic
BritishAntarcticTerritory.pdfBritishAntarcticTerritory.zipPaul Carroll
From 1963 to 2016 inclusive.
Note: some stamp boxes in this album have been enlarged to include selvedge and/or plate numbers. These can be resized if so desired by editing the AlbumEasy source file.
Falkland Islands
FalkandIslandsDependencies.pdfFalkandIslandsDependencies.zipPaul Carroll
Falkland Islands Dependencies 1946 to 1985 (excluding 1963 to 1980 which can be found in South Georgia).
India - KEVII
India_KEVII.pdfIndia_KEVII.zipKevin Dowdall
India, King Edward VII (sg119 - sg150)
India - KGV
India_KGV.pdfIndia_KGV.zipKevin Dowdall
India, King George V (sg151 - sg246)
India - KGVI
India_KGVI.pdfIndia_KGVI.zipKevin Dowdall
India, King George VI (sg247 - sg282)
India - QV
India_QV.pdfIndia_QV.zipKevin Dowdall
India, Queen Victoria (sg2 - sg118)
India - Cochin
IndianStatesCochin.pdfIndianStatesCochin.zipKevin Dowdall
Indian State Cochin sg1 - sg128
India - Cochin
IndianStatesCochinOfficials.pdfIndianStatesCochinOfficials.zipKevin Dowdall
Indian State Cochin officials sg O1 - sg O105
India - Hyderabad
IndianStatesHyderabad.pdfIndianStatesHyderabad.zipKevin Dowdall
Indian State Hyderabad sg1 - sg60
India - Travancore
IndianStatesTravancore.pdfIndianStatesTravancore.zipKevin Dowdall
Indian State Travancore sg1 - sg77 and officials sg O1 - sg O108
Rhodesia Admirals
RhodesiaAdmirals.pdfRhodesiaAdmirals.zipKevin Dowdall
Rhodesia (British South Africa Company) Admirals 1913 - 1922 (sg186 - sg322)
Rhodesia Double Heads
RhodesiaDoubleHeads.pdfRhodesiaDoubleHeads.zipKevin Dowdall
Rhodesia (British South Africa Company) Double Heads 1910 - 1913 (sg119 - sg185)
South Georgia
SouthGeorgia.pdfSouthGeorgia.zipPaul Carroll
Stamps 1963 - 1980.
South Georgia & the
South Sandwich Islands
SouthGeorgiaSouthSandwich.pdfSouthGeorgiaSouthSandwich.zipPaul Carroll
1986 upto and including August 2017.
Note: some stamp boxes in this album have been enlarged to include selvedge and/or plate numbers. These can be resized if so desired by editing the AlbumEasy source file.

  • Topical, Thematic and Omnibus issues
 PDFSource FilesAuthor
QE II Coronation StampsQE2-Coronation.pdfQE2-Coronation.zipBob Bankhead
1953 British Commonwealth QE II Coronation Stamps
QE II Coronation First Day CoversQE2-Coronation-FDC.pdfQE2-Coronation-FDC.zipBob Bankhead
1953 British Commonwealth QE II Coronation First Day Covers
USA Love StampsUS-LoveStamps.pdfUS-LoveStamps.zipBob Bankhead
USPS "Love" stamps 1973 to 2018
USA Lunar New YearUS-LunarNewYear.pdfUS-LunarNewYear.zipBob Bankhead
Issued to mark the start of the Chinese lunar calendar 1993 to 2018
USA Non-MachineableUS-NonMachineable.pdfUS-NonMachineable.zipBob Bankhead
Surcharge stamps for mail that cannot be processed automatically
USA High DenominationsUS-Post2005-HighDenominations.pdfUS-Post2005-HighDenominations.zipBob Bankhead
Post 2005 US High Denomination Stamps
USA Priority & Express MailUS-PriorityAndExpressMail.pdfUS-PriorityAndExpressMail.zipBob Bankhead
United States Priority and Express Mail Issues 1983 to 2018
USA Wedding StampsUS-WeddingStamps.pdfUS-WeddingStamps.zipBob Bankhead
"Wedding" Stamps for use by brides-to-be on invitations and reply cards